Boxee makes it to the iPad... as more than just a remote

Up until now, the only Boxee app we had for iOS devices was the wi-fi based remote control. which if you are running Boxee on a PC or Apple TV has been a great addition, especially the qwerty keyboard you get; which in itself was invaluable in setup of my Apple TV.

But now we had a bone fide app worthy of the Boxee name.

Head on over to iTunes and download it for the iPad for free. Once installed you simply add your normal Boxee user details. Once logged in, send yourself a configuration e-mail.

Contained in the mail is a link to some server side software, available for both PC or MAC. Once installed it is simply a matter of adding your HDD's that have your content on them in the server client. I struggled slightly with my iOmega NAS, getting it to show up as an Alias on the MAC desktop before the Boxee Media Manager loaded was an issue. I resolved this by adding a command to wait 120 seconds before launching the Boxee Media Manager.

Once the software loads, you get a screen very similar to conventional Boxee, streams from friends, favorites etc etc.

But then straight onto browsing the content. It works like the conventional Boxee, but without the preview/cover art on the outer folders. Once into the folder it does however generate a screenshot of the clip as its cover art.

Select your clip, click play, choose screen orientation and make it full screen. Fantastically easy!!

[Grant Marais]


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